A few reasons why I love my job.

Colleen and Eric are Brooklyn-based designers who met while attending Pratt Institute.

The Division of Student Affairs is responsible for all aspects of the Columbia University undergraduate experience – from admissions to graduation.

Hardee Brothers Web site

Having recently started his own company after years of experience in finance, Sidney Hardee approached me with the task of creating a Web site to represent his company, Hardee Brothers, a globally-focused boutique investment bank with a focus on asset management and capital markets.

As the official alumni magazine of Columbia College, Columbia College Today has the monumental task of chronicling the accomplishments and stories of Columbia College graduates and faculty. The magazine is produced 6 times a year and represents a key component of the school's alumni communications.

the Core Curriculum page

As one of the oldest educational institutions in the country, Columbia College represents the component of Columbia University's tradition that spans back to the days when New York was a British Colony.

A special event brochure page

Columbia University, with its well-deserved reputation for being a competitive social escalator, naturally dedicates a significant amount of resources for student career planning.